Video Borescope (HD Remote Visual Inspection)

Key Features

  • HD Image Quality
  • Superior Features
  • Easy Operation
  • Light & Handy
  • Waterproof
  • Double Tungsten Alloy Braided Insert Tube of 4 Layers
  • Intelligent Navigation Menu
  • Data Storage With SD Card (32 GB)

Video Borescope

It is the most powerful, high de?nition and economical video Borescope for Industrial application available in the world. It is an extremely light weight, portable, rugged and easy to use remote visual inspection tool ever.

HD - High Quality Image

It is designed and engineered to obtain high de?nition image quality with true image display. Quick start with white balance function and HD image display elaborates every minute inspection details.

Super Brightness

The image quality is dependent on the light intensity at the inspection area. The Video borescope is loaded with the light intensity control function for the probe LED at the top, to illuminate the inspection area according to the requirement. The illumination is extremely high in comparison to any other videoscope resulting in excellent image quality and obtaining true picture with defects even in very dark area.

Precise & High Articulation

The unique joystick gives all together a di?erent experience for probe articulation and precisely delivers its requirement. The joystick has multifunction features with 360 Degree all way articulation, 4 way articulation, high bending angle and most importantly stepped speed control articulation moment required for various critical inspection.

High Strength & Durable Probe

The probe is extremely ?exible and wear resistance. It is double tungsten alloy braided of multiple layers to withstand extreme wear resistance.

User Friendly and easy operation

Simple menu driven operation makes it extremely easy to operate and handle. With joy stick navigation and direct key operation, it easy for one hand with ?ngertip operation. One click choose option from video to picture. Creation of inspection ?les and observation can be noted and edited in the equipment without the connection of PC.

Screen Coordinate Reference Line

The coordinate reference line scale on the screen provides size information of the viewing target and supports in many other aspects of remote visual inspection.

Extra Light Source (LED Torch)

The inbuilt light source (LED Torch) on the top of the Videoscope, focusing towards the probe immensely helps to work in a dark environment. It helps the operator for a safe work practice in dark environment.


- Oil Re?nery
- Power Plant Fertilizer Plant
- Turbine
- Maintenance
- Security
- Aerospace
- Food / Medical manufacturing industries. Automobile
- Pipeline inspection

Standard Packing

Diameter of Probe 4.8mm / 6mm / 8mm
Probe Housing Titanium alloy
Pixel Count 1,000,000 pixels
Depth of View Standard: 7mm-80mm, Optional 10-100mm / 70mm-150mm / 5mm-Infinity / Customizable
Angel of Field Standard: 120o, Optional: 70o/100o
Viewing Direction Standard: Straight view, Optional: Side view, interchangeable tip with 0o & 90o
Light Type White LED
Illumination 100,000lx at a maximum
Brightness Adjustable: 7 Level
White Balance Auto white balance
Bending Control 360o all way motor-driven control
Bending Angle ≥160o +/- 10o
Insert Tube Length Available: 1.5 metre to 7 metre, Customized & Made to Order for Length Beyond 7 metre
Insertion Tube Double Tungsten alloy braided insert tube of 4 layers. Wear Resistant.
Language English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian Optional: Other Language
Display 5 inches TFT LCD
Image / Video Recording File Format JPEG, BMP, MP4
Memory Standard SD card: 8GB, Maximum: 32GB
Data Interface External display: HDMI high de?nition output
Bending Lock By One-key
Articulation Control Step Regulation: High-speed and low-speed bending
Lighting (Work Area) External lighting for Dark environment area work
System Weight 1.35 Kg
Working Time Works more than 4 hours with one set (3 Nos.) of batteries
Battery Lithium Ion batteries: 3200mAh
System Operating Temperature -20oC ~ 62oC (Below 0oC preheating to display is required)
Camera Operating Temperature -25oC ~ 100oC (Below 0oC reduce articulation operation)
Store Temperature -20oC ~ 60oC
Relative Humidity Maximum 80%, Non-Condensing